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Rockwell Automation’s Lower Cost, Higher Power 5370 CompactLogix Controllers
Entirely new ControlLogix family with CPUs 2 times faster?
This series of new controllers makes it more cost effective for users and machine builders to use the Logix architecture for smaller applications. Rockwell Automation has created the 5370 L series of CompactLogix controllers to deliver lower cost controllers for “Logix Architecture OEMs,” who integrate safety, drives, motion, information, and configuration.MORE

Rockwell’s Process Industry Strategy – New DCS Architecture
Logix Architecture for All Industries & Applications
Rockwell’s message to DCS users is very direct – the Logix architecture can meet all control and automation requirements from discrete to process control. MORE

Rockwell Automation Fair 2009 – Smart, Safe & Sustainable Manufacturing
The theme this year was “Smart, Safe and Sustainable Manufacturing.” As usual, the Rockwell Automation Fair was an impressive event with over 8,000 attendees, 82 Encompass partners, 6 machine builders, 3 alliance partners, 7 solution partners, and 7 universities. MORE

Rockwell Automation Fair 2010 – Smart, Safe & Sustainable Manufacturing
Showing consistency, the 2010 Rockwell Automation Fair theme was the same as 2009, “Smart, Safe and Sustainable Manufacturing.” As usual, the Rockwell Automation Fair was an impressive event with over 8,000 attendees, with exhibitors…  MORE

Rockwell Automation’s pursuit of process control
Interview with Rockwell Automation’s PlantPAx Leaders February 2011

I interviewed the two key executives leading Rockwell Automation’s process industry initiative, Som Chakraborti and Steve Pulsifer. Som Chakraborti is the Business Director for the process business within the Architecture and Software segment of Rockwell Automation. Chakraborti is responsible for the profitable growth of the PlantPAx™ Process Automation System and oversees the business unit and technology development. Steve Pulsifer is global Director of Process Marketing Development and is responsible for all commercial programs and developing the sales team worldwide for the process business.  MORE

Micro800 Standalone Machine Controller   November 2011
Rockwell Automation introduced the new low cost Micro800 PLC product line that in my opinion, reflects Rockwell Automation’s internal understanding and philosophy of automation requirements. Rockwell Automation spokespeople describe two distinct control and automation product lines, Logix and Connected Components. Connected Components are not designed work with Rockwell’s Integrated Architecture and Logix software.

The Micro800 is a completely new architecture and NOT based on or compatible with the Rockwell Logix and Integrated Architecture. The Micro800 has the most basic communication using serial Modbus RTU with EtherNet/IP being added to highest level controller in 2013.  MORE

Rockwell Automation Product Philosophy
Interview with Sujeet Chand, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

During the 2011 Rockwell Automation Fair, I had a discussion about Rockwell Automation’s product philosophy with Sujeet Chand, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Rockwell Automation.  Chand leads the company’s global R&D and industrial standards development teams in Asia, Europe and the Americas.   MORE


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