Automation Issues & Topics

These are important automation industry issues …

Breathe new (innovative) life into your automation systems
Spring is a time of new beginnings and new life. So why can’t we breathe new life into our automation systems? It’s a good time for automation engineers to consider new innovative automation applications to improve production. MORE

Industry 4.0
The term “4.0” represents a belief that industry is entering a fourth industrial revolution and is part of the German Federal Government’s High-Tech national innovation strategy to maintain its international competitiveness.  In my opinion, Industry 4.0 is the application of technologies that are enabling the creation of more flexible and responsive manufacturing to better serve the needs of customers. The concept of make-to-order manufacturing and mass customization requires flexible factories that rely on interactive communication with all participants in specification and production; including customers, purchasing, supply chain, machines, production line equipment, and workers. MORE

Robots Create Jobs, Enable Small Companies to Compete Worldwide
I had the pleasure of moderating the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) CEO Roundtable 2013 discussion about the impacts of robots on jobs at AUTOMATE in Chicago on 22 January 2013. The adoption of Robots in manufacturing is increasing worldwide including emerging economies with China the second largest purchaser of robots. This article provides and industry statistics and insight from two small manufacturing companies that have become world class competitors by using robots. MORE

Cyber Attacks on Industrial Systems Increasing Rapidly  Homeland Security’s Lisa Kaiser, Operations Lead, Cyber Security Implementation, (CSI) ICS-CERT gave a sobering presentation on cyber security issues and attacks. Foreign Cyber Espionage in the USA has been more intense in the last few years with a large black market for buying and selling information. MORE

When will DCS go open architecture?  Is it time for DCS suppliers to use open industrial Ethernet protocol standards for their backbone networks? There are a wide range of open architecture networks, but traditional DCS suppliers have and use their own closed networks.MORE


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