2013 Automation & Control Trends

Automation & Control Trends in 2013
This article is an update to my 2012 Trends Article and expresses my thoughts on major automation and control trends for 2013 and beyond. These opinions are based on a wide range of inputs from users, suppliers and industry consultants, and from attending numerous industry forums, conferences and trade shows every year. Years of hands-on experience as a designer and applier of automation and controls in the field are also reflected in these opinions. I invite readers to contact me to critique and share thoughts based on another perspective. MORE

Key Trend in the article:

  • Enterprise Automation System
  • Collapsing Architecture
  • Automation Computing Engines (ACE)
  • OPC UA
  • Panel Free Installation
  • Big Data – Information Leverage
  • Retrofit & Upgrade
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Information Security
  • Integrated Machine Design
  • Robotics

What do you think?

About Bill Lydon

Experienced industrial, process control, and building automation professional with technology and business experience ranging from corporate experience, co-founder & president of a start-up company and as an industry consultant.

Successfully launched major new technical products as a marketing manager for a Fortune 500 company and by contrast built an early stage start-up company from seed money to venture capital. Based on my experience I take a common sense approach to technology and business analysis.

Active in the automation industry with articles appearing regularly in Automation.com and InTech magazine ( ISA.org/InTech ) providing insights and industry analysis.


Automation & Controls Industry Technology & Business Analysis
Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Process Control; M2M, Embedded Automation

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