Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet – Too much of a good thing?
Industrial Ethernet networks and protocols have become a workhorse of automation systems. But how extensively should it be used?MORE

ODVA Industrial Networks Energy InitiativeAt the 2011 ODVA annual meeting Katherine Voss, ODVA Executive Director, presented the organization’s vision of energy optimization for the industrial consumer. The intent of this energy initiative is to create a comprehensive approach to the optimization of energy usage for the industrial consumer that is scalable, open and inclusive for both users and suppliers. MORE

Chrysler/FIAT Adopts PROFINET for CArS
Julian Joe, PE and Senior Manager of Robotic & Controls at Chrysler, described their new Control Architecture Standard (CArS) at the annual PI North America meeting. The CArS architecture is a modern systems level approach defined by the joint Chrysler and Fiat Manufacturing Engineering Council that improves the process flow for designing and implementing production lines. MORE

Ford Powertrain Standardizes on PROFINET
Michael Bastian, Global Controls Manager at Ford Motor Company (Powertrain Division) shared why and how they have standardized on PROFINET MORE

Continuous Improvements in PROFINET – PROFIenergy
Carl Henning, Deputy Director of PI North America, and I recently discussed the automation industry, PI North America organization, and PROFINET technology developments. ).  PROFIenergy is a profile of the communications protocol that allows the power consumption of automation equipment to be managed over a PROFINET network.  MORE

IEC 61850 Power Industry Communications Standard
IEC 61850 is the new Ethernet-based international standard for communication in power generation facilities and substations. The goal of this standard is to integrate all of the protection, control, measurement, and monitoring functions within a substation, and to provide the means for high-speed substation protection applications, interlocking and intertripping. These devices are generally referred to as Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED).MORE

IEC 61850 Power Communications Standard – Commercial Ethernet switches need not apply!
The Ethernet-based IEC 61850 international standards for communication in power generation facilities and substations sets a high bar for Ethernet switch reliability. MORE


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