OPC UA enables Industrial Information RevolutionBased on presentations at the first OPC Technology Summit October 16-18, 2012 in Orlando, Florida, it is clear that OPC UA is transformational and changing the architecture of industrial automation systems.MORE

Digital Factory Superstructure Emerging with OPC UA
OPC UA is emerging as a fundamental technology for implementing Digital Factory concepts to increase production efficiency. This was reinforced at a half day session during the Sixteenth Annual ARC World Industry Forum Conference on February 9, 2012. The session titled, Transforming Manufacturing with OPC UA: From Embedded to the Enterprise, featured a number of presentations reinforcing the value of OPC UA. MORE

OPC UA Redefines Automation Architectures
The new OPC UA technology provides an efficient and secure infrastructure for communications – from sensor to business enterprise computing for all automation systems in manufacturing and process control. OPC UA leverages web services to provide a single programming paradigm in a scalable architecture that can be implemented is a range of devices – from embedded to enterprise. MORE

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