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Bill’s Latest Industrial Automation Insights

New QuickStart Program Accelerates Manufacturing Competitiveness

The Coalition for Open Process Automation (COPA) launched the COPA QuickStart for companies to leverage the Open Process Automation System (O-PAS) standard to be more competitive and profitable.  MORE

Advancing Modular Design BioPhorum MTP Plugfest

Democratization of system integration was advanced at the BioPhorum MTP Plugfest where users and vendors collaborated moving towards the goal of achieving plug-and-play equipment interoperability for the biopharmaceutical and other industries.  MORE

Moderna -Native Digital Process Automation Built on Amazon Web Services & Emerson Process 

Moderna’s award-winning cGMP clinical development manufacturing facility—based in Norwood, Mass.—has a native digital process automation design built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). MORE

Ethernet-APL: Closing Industrial Digitalization Gap

Ethernet-APL connect sensors using 2 wire Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3cg communications directly achieving high-speed uniform sensor information transfer throughout the entire manufacturing and process business to accomplish the goals of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Digitalization. Leverages universally accepted IT and IoT methods closes the last communications gap to achieve holistic manufacturing and process business operations.  MORE

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